Grandmaster Dr. Song T. Park

Song Park

Teacher and Healer, Grand Master Song T. Park


Born on Sakhalin Island, Russia, in 1962, teacher and healer, Master Song T. Park’s life was defined by a world of declining opportunity, and   increasingly chaotic and dangerous political and economic instability. His parents were of Korean ancestry, whose families came to Sakhalin Island in the 1930’s to secure their futures. Instead they found increasingly difficult times and intense racial discrimination. Song Park grew up in a hostile culture, where just being Korean was enough to be attacked, making martial arts training a matter of survival. What began out of necessity became a life long interest and in 2003 Song Park earned his 7th Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. His specialty pressure points and Kiai Jitsu – sound projection applied for self-defense. Today, Master Park is an internationally recognized Martial Arts Grand Master and teacher.


Starting out in a school with only eight children in his class, young Park came to excel in his academic studies. In 1980, as a result of high test scores and exceptional academic performance, Park was accepted into Eastern Polytechnic University in Vladivostok, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 1982 and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering three years later. Master Park graduated with honors in science, mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Master Song Park also began intensive study and clinical practice in Alternative Health Care, and Healing modalities, specializing in sound and movement, color and aromatherapy, acupuncture/ acupressure. In 1990, Park earned the degree of People’s Healer of the Soviet Union from the Foundation of People’s Medicine of the Soviet Union, Vladivostok, Russia.

In 1989 Master Park accepted a teaching position at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow. During his tenure, Park invented the Pulse Assessment System (US Patent): a computer based evaluation system using the Chinese medical model for reading pulses. Eventually, he financed and established eight research laboratory clinics in the Moscow area to research the therapeutic effects of color and image therapy, aromatherapy, herbal treatments, and movement therapy using the Pulse Assessment System. He also established an Alternative Health Care practice focusing on movement and sound therapy techniques. In 1993, Park’s article: “Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Calculation of Parameters of the Pulse Wave” was published in, Biological Mathematics by I.P. Yemelianov. In 1998, Park’s article, “Color Therapy” appeared in The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine (Vol. 8, Number 1, 1998).

Master Park traveled all over Russia and then in 1991 on to the United States where he taught Martial Arts and began giving Workshops on Sound/Movement modalities of healing art. In the United States, Master Park found a true home for his wandering spirit, currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Today, Master Park continues his work with Sound and Movement modalities and continues to teach internationally Martial and Healing Arts. A compassionate and intuitive healer, Park teaches his clients to heal themselves in both mind and body. Park’s work using the Pulse Assessment System is ground breaking technology in an Alternative Health Care field that is beginning to understand the importance of pulse reading as an evaluation tool and bio-feedback technique in total health and well being.

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